The Many Faces of Mary Jane: Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, and Concentrates

By: Sean Sherwood

It’s 2012. We can video chat with anyone around the world, iPad’s can be purchased in vending machines, and Coachella pretty much brought Tupac back from the dead. So…we should expect the same advances in the way of weed!

With medical marijuana laws passed in 13 states, it seems like things are getting a bit easier for our good friend Mary Jane. With the explosion of the medical marijuana industry between 2005-2010 there has been a bigger push to diversify the different strains of cannabis to fit individual ailments of patients.

We’ve put together a quick guide showing the different kinds of “kind” including some physical features and medical components to each. So roll up a fatty and pay attention because your Cannabis education is about to begin.


Super Bubba Kush

These strains are typically going to leave you motionless on your couch watching a marathon of Ancient Aliens. These buds usually have a very crisp, piney scent to them and are usually large, thick nugs, rather than skinny, long ones. Some popular indica strains include just about any type of Kush you can name and Grand Daddy Purp. With a heavier body high, indicas or indica-dominant strains are usually used by medical marijuana patients who suffer from chronic pain or have trouble sleeping. These strains are also going to give you the biggest “munchies” effect. I warn you: do NOT go grocery shopping after smoking a heavy indica strain. You won’t end up with anything you planned and you’ll most likely get stuck in the ice cream aisle reading the flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, chuckling to yourself. Indicas are also not ideal when you have a full day ahead of you. I notice that when I’m smoking an indica, it’s much easier to tolerate a mediocre T.V show and not move rather than do anything I had planned for the day.


Sour Diesel Sativa and sativa-dominant strains are typically “uppers” of cannabis. These strains typically leave you feeling giggly, creative, and euphoric. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, this is the type of weed you’re looking for. Sativa strains usually carry a citrusy, pungent smell and have longer, thinner buds. Some common sativa strains include Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Incredible Hulk, and Super Lemon Hazes. After smoking a sativa or sativa-dominant strain you will feel more of a head high rather than a body high. If you are performing a task like cleaning or studying a sativa strain will help to focus your mind rather than putting you to sleep. A bowl of sativa can even help concentrate on your reps at the gym! These strains are also very good for parties as they leave everybody giggly and ready to have a good time rather than ready to fall asleep on the couch.


Blue DreamHybrid strains are a crossbreed of indica AND sativa strains. There are both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant strains and are good for when you’re looking for the best of both. Most of the bud you come across will be a hybrid strain but my all-time personal favorite is the classic Blue Dream. Sativa-dominant hybrid strains are great for helping stimulate appetite without leaving you with a tired feeling. If I can be blunt (no pun intended), a sativa-dominant hybrid is also great for use in an intimate setting. Yes, it’s true, cannabis has been found to stimulate the libido. A bowl before having some fun with your guy/lady will keep you lively and turned on without falling asleep early. Indica-dominant strains are typically good for people that need a little more pain relief while still having a little bit of that nice sativa head high. These strains are good for a nice middle of the road feeling. Not too heavy one way or the other.


Sour Kush WaxConcentrates are basically a collection of the psychoactive component in marijuana. This means that concentrates are much more potent than the dry flower form of cannabis. Concentrates take many different forms because there are a lot of different methods of extracting the THC from cannabis. The most commonly heard term for a concentrate is “hash”. Some of the different types of hashes include bubble hash, wafer hash, earwax hash, and hash oil. The most potent is usually earwax hash which is extracted through Co2 extraction and hash oil which is typically extracted using butane. WARNING: A little goes a very long way with concentrates. Hash is usually used to top off a bowl, not to fill a bowl.

To give you a reference-point: top-shelf medical grade marijuana usually ranges between 19-25% THC. Some concentrates can contain upwards of 70% THC. So be careful because although it is physically impossible to die from overdose of marijuana it is very possible to be uncomfortably high for way too long!

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Sean Sherwood is a 19-year-old college student living in Tucson, Arizona. Some people smoke weed like it’s their job; Sean smokes weed because it is his job, kinda. Sean works as a budtender/delivery driver at Algea Releaf Caregiver Collective, Arizona’s premium delivery service for medical marijuana patients in both Phoenix and Tucson.

Sean is also the owner of Space Man Clothing!

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