Interestingly enough, it was the Israeli Dubstep producers Borgore and Tomba that first got me into dubstep.  The heavy mid tempo drops took me back to my hardcore days (ex. Earth Crisis, Morning Again, Converge).  I was hooked.

The Stats

Surname: Borger, Asef
Style: Gorestep
Age: 24
Nationality: Israeli

His songs tend to be very bass heavy with really well placed drums.  I attribute his understanding of good drums to early days as a drummer of a heavy metal band.  What sets Borgore apart is his lyrical content that surpasses bitch hater albums like Chronic 2001 in filthiness taking it to ESHAM style extremes.  At times, hated on for how playful he can be, Borgore is fueled making proclamations like “Borgore Ruined Dubstep”.

“Girl, take example from these bitches In bed act like a ho but first do the dishes!”

Borgore also runs the label Buygore with some really sick acts like Point Blank, Mojo, and Document One.

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Now check this mix of songs, music videos, and tour videos from Borgore!

Borgore – Casablanca

Borgore – Initiation

Borgore – Ice Cream

Borgore – Gloryhole

Borgore ‘Someone Elses’ ft Adi Ulmansky OFFICIAL VIDEO

Borgore Vs Dev ‘Kiss My Lips’ (OFFICIAL FULL LENGTH VIDEO)

Borgore – Nympho

Borgore’s Standard Tour Fitness

BUYGORE Party (Borgore, Document One, Son of Kick) by BEZ3MANKI

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