This is an easy introduction to some really cool music by Mike Kinsella.

A combination of clever guitar parts, true emo-esq lyrics (not goth emo! 90′s style…), and some really unique instrument tones – Mike is really one of a kind. My introduction was through his early bands, Cap’n Jazz and Joan of Arc, but I was really sold was when I heard American Football.

Great band. Such a clean album. Great tunes.

American Football was released on September 14, 1999.

American Football – Never Meant

Starting in 2001 Mike started a solo project under the name OWEN.  Owen really gave him the opportunity to explore new sounds and his passion for song writing is beautifully apparent on all of his solo work.  I listen to Owen when I need to slow down and think about the simple things in life.  The organic side of living.

Owen – I Believe

This production kills me. Love it.  When the thin, distorted guitar strums in the background…fuckyeah.

**NOTE**  Track down the song “New Leaves”!

Mike Kinsella is so Chicago it hurts.

Owen - I Believe – Live on the Roof

Owen – No Place Like Home – Live in Chicago

Owen – O, Evelyn… (Nervous Energies Session)

I hope you hear what I hear. Thanks for listening.