So much hard work goes into making and performing music – These days I feel like budding musicians are trained to judge their worth by the amount of online social reactivity they receive from a given body of work. You work your ass off for days on a track or tracks – get the perfect artwork and experience all lined up and post it hoping you get some likes and shares. At the end of the day it feels anticlimactic and it can be discouraging, but you have to remember that ultimately no one is going to champion your music like you will for yourself.

If you are on the come up you have to ASK people to listen directly – and not just anyone either – put your music in front of people you already know enjoy the type of sounds you are creating by doing a little research and approaching fans of similar artists to you. This is not an environment where a “shotgun” approach is going to get you anything other than frustration.

Get constructive feedback from people you trust and respect if you aren’t getting the “wow” type of responses you are looking for and keep working your ass off and learning as much as you can until you start to get those responses. It’s good to remember that success leaves clues and these days you can just reach right out to some of your favorite artists and they will respond – you just have to ask the right questions (most likely they will not listen to your track but they will answer a question about a technique or inspiration of their own).

I am reminding myself about all of this just as much as I am speaking my mind about and I hope this helps someone..

If you don’t produce and you are passionate about music then make sure you share the things you enjoy and provide feedback – you are one full half of the equation if not more you have a lot of power and we definitely need you!!! I look forward to seeing all of the talented people around me rise up and shine as bright as they always knew they could! Here’s challenging our knowledge and passion!


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